Early Childhood in Canada
Early Childhood in Canada


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Best Evidence for Investing in Early Childhood Education for Canada

As Canadian policy makers and political leaders continue to debate the value of investing in preschool children, they should note the consensus among Canadian scholars based on both Canadian and international research. We can improve children’s lives and the economic and social wellbeing of our society by investing in early childhood education.

Scholars from economics, psychology, education, health, medicine, and the neurosciences, agree that high-quality early childhood education results in improvements in scholastic, social, and health outcomes for children and their families, as well as in economic benefits for Canadian society.

An open letter signed by 150 founding signatories, asking policy makers and political leaders to increase their investment in young children, was released earlier this year. The letter is based on a comprehensive body of scientific research.

The Founding Signatories are asking others to join them and sign on to the open letter in support of an increase in Canada’s investment in young children, and today over 1,000 signatures have joined the call for Canada to increase its investment in young children.

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Early Childhood in Canada